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Thread: Import CSV option of Maltego 3.4.1

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    Import CSV option of Maltego 3.4.1


    When running the Maltego software pre-installed with Kali, I don't see the 'import CSV' nor the 'export CSV' options which should be located (as per the video tutorials) together with the other Import and Export features (resp. Import Configuration and Import Entities, and Export Configuration and Export Entities).

    Does anyone have the same problem? My system is up-to-date. I tried to apt-get install --reinstall maltego after deleting the .maltego folder but the problem persists. I could not find any answer on the web (nor anyone having this problem, actually).

    Feedback appreciated (either to say: 'import is not supported with the Kali edition' or 'works fine for me')


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    Maltego export inport

    It appears the import and export document protocols are limited with the Maltego Community license.

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