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Thread: Installing Kali to an external drive without changing primary drive?

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    Installing Kali to an external drive without changing primary drive?


    I recently bought an USB 3.0 dock for a 500GB HDD from my old laptop. I partitioned 475GB of it for data storage and left 25GB unallocated for Kali installation.

    However, it appears that even if I install Kali to that external drive, GRUB would be installed to my primary drive, which I do NOT want. I want to have completely separate bootloaders in both drives so that I can choose OS from BIOS Boot Override -menu instead of GRUB or such.

    Is there some way I could make sure that my primary HDD remains COMPLETELY unchanged, other than opening up my laptop and unplugging the drive? I'm afraid that it would affect the warranty.

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    Is a Persistent Live install no possibility for you?

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    I can't remember if installer ask for the grub installation. But if it does, you have to make sure it is installed in the sdx (x=a, b, c, d, etc accordingly to usb location)

    You MUST NOT install GRUB in a PARTITION.

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