I wanted to dual boot it with my windows 8.1 so I created a bootable USB as mentioned in the Kali forums. I went to my BIOS, changed the boot priority to USB, disabled secure boot and changed UEFI to legacy. After that I was taken to the KALI install screen where I had 6 options i.e
1)Live (amd64)
2) live (amd64 failsafe)
3)Live( forensic mode)
4) Install
5) Graphical install
6) Install with speech synthesis

Problem is, Any option I choose, It takes me to a blank black screen. Any help would be appreciated. If the solution already exists then I would appreciate it if someone posted the link. I wasn't able to find the solution anywhere online.
I don't want to use VM ware because KALI runs slowly.
Thanks in advance