Hi, don't know if there are a lot of these today, but I'm a CLI lover, it gives one immediate, fast and concrete feedback on what's happening in a system.

Recently I acquired a Raspberry Pi and was experimenting with it, investigating if it has an easy networking set-up in the CLI environment.
You could also do it from a VNC session in Xfce but the RPi in my opinion is just too slow for that.

(off course u can use the manual debian style network management, but I was looking for something simpler to manage)

I stumbled across the following systems to configure the network, in my favorite order:
ceni -> curses based network manager for the CLI -> nice for learning debian style network management, lots of CLI feedback
wicd-curses -> curses based network manager for the CLI
network Manager -> nmcli to configure from command line (seems limited on CLI)

Just for the sake of it, I document here how I installed it on my RPi:

Download ceni at siduction repos:
wget -c

Install the deb package:
dpkg -i ceni_2.38_all.deb

The installation will generate some error because of the dependencies problem. To fix it:
apt-get -f install

To start ceni, just type:

Ceni will update your /etc/network/interfaces file according to configuration which u set in it.
Make sure to disable any other network managers before using.