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Thread: Auto login to terminal - Raspberry Pi

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    Auto login to terminal - Raspberry Pi

    Before you start on me for not doing my homework:

    #First time post checklist:
    Googled it: Yes - 15 hours worth
    Tried all solutions: yes - screwed up several images are re-imaged several times.

    Raspberry Pi model B (ARM V7)
    OS: Kali 1.0.6
    Wifi module: RTL8187 and various others
    GPIO repo installed as well.

    Unable to get command line to automatically "log in" using root/toor credentials.

    I have a raspberry pi on an ammo box with long range Wifi adapter designed as a demonstration unit for my customers that have concerns about the "crackability" of their farm wifi systems.
    I have set the unit up to run headless, and have a script to flash a light attached to the GPIO when the boot sequence has finished.
    I also have a push button to trigger to run and auto acquire networks matching my pre-set criteria.

    currently I have rc.local running my python script to monitor for button presses.
    this will successfully load wifite (with a few additions to the script) - despite not logging it at the terminal level.

    with a few mods to, it will read out the SSID (carnival) and password of any acquired networks via attached UHF radio, then promptly shutdown.

    - the next problem is that is can't write to disk in this state and can't save to the cracked.txt log file.
    so - I either need to get it to wrote to disk, or get it to automatically log in. - I DON'T need the GUI as the unit is headless.
    I admin it from SSH - and I use wicd to auto-acquire my phone's hotspot for setup and NTP purposes.

    I have tried every solution I can find, and most of them seem to require me to edit daemon.conf for the currently installed desktop environment - most of which do not appear to be installed.

    I think X11 came with the image I have, but it seems devoid of many files I need to "edit" to make auto-login work.

    Any suggestions welcome - WIFI pen-testing is a crucial part of my business, as my living is dependent on staying one step ahead of the nefarious types.

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    Kali Linux is based on debian. So i would suggest you this solution:
    I have tried it myself, but i dont have a Monitor, to check if it works...

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