Hello and thank you for welcoming me into this community.

I would describe myself as an intermediate with Linux and a beginner with Kali.

I have a functional Live Kali 1.0.6 USB disk with persistence which I used to install a non-encrypted copy of Kali to the partition K1 seen in the attached image. It is a stock (non-custom) kernel image. I examined the new OS immediately after booting into it for the first time; I have made no changes to the files. I am however surprised to see that it is already taking up 10.28 GB of the partition... 3 - 4 times as much as the Live Disk. Granted, during the installation I configured the DHCP settings for my network and also used a network mirror, but it seems like those things shouldn't cause such a large discrepency in the occupied space between the new OS and the one on the live disk. Even more surprising is that the root directory appears to contain 401,868 items totalling 140 TB! My hard disk only has about 300 GB total, so I wonder what on earth could cause this. Is this normal behavior?

I am also somewhat curious why there is an empty folder for SELinux. As I said, this is not a custom-build image, it is stock, and I would never put something manufactured by the NSA on my computer. My concern of course is that my image is not clean. Can anyone shed some light on this mystery?