Hello everyone.

I have a problem with my BIOS, it won't detect my USB until I add the EFI/Boot folder with Bootx64.efi & grubx64.efi & grub.cfg files as shown in here.

I have followed the steps mentioned in kali docs 7 times. Everytime without success. I think the problem is my motherboard can't read USB device from BIOS until there are any EFI instructions. What do you suggest me to do?

To be clear: I everytime check the validity of written files on the USB. I'm copying files from kali image .iso file to USB the same way as the kali docs tells me to. That means
sudo dd if=/Downloads/kali.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=512k
I even watch the progress thanks to other terminal
sudo watch -n 10 kill -USR1 $pid_of_dd
. After it's complete i restart my PC, look into boot options & no USB appear! How is that possible? :/ I'm really tired of this. After I have tried this, my list of bootable devices raised, but after choosing the USB with Kali & booting, it just told me to install kernel first or something like this. What do I do wrong? Please help me, I'm stuck.

Thanks a lot.