First off, I am an absolute noob to Linux in general. I am really excited to dive in and start learning and using Kali Linux, but for some reason I just can't seem to create a bootable USB drive with Kali Linux on it. I have followed the exact guide on the docs and when I check my USB drive after it is done writing the iso file (using win32diskimager) there is nothing there. I have also tried using Universal USB Installer and it says that I need 15 GB to write the Linux file which is only 2.9! I have also tried using Linux Live USB create and YUMI and none will write the ISO file to my USB drive. I have also tried using two different flash drives and neither work. I tried creating a Linux Mint bootable USB drive which of course worked, yet Kali Linux just wants to be difficult.

Please, Please help, I have looked over almost every tutorial I could find and nothing has improved my situation.