good day all

I recently installed Kali 1.0.6 Native AMD64
  • I did a clean install, dual booting Windows and Kali, sound was working
  • I booted into Kali, did some downloading of packages, etc. Sound was working!
  • I rebooted as per usual to start off with fully functonal OS, no sound...?
  • reboot 2, 3, 4... times, no sound???

inbetween these reboot with no sound, I tried different fixes, no luck

I do not know what is required, except for Windows I require VIA drivers for sound card

Linux - Alsa Mixer Chipset = Intel HDA PCH
module = intel_hda_pch (i think, im writing this from Windows boot)

fixes tried:

  • tried force reloading alsa modules
  • tried reinstalling alsa modules
  • tried editing alsa-base with "options snd" string and changing model
  • check that sound is not muted

I have had sound problems with ALL linu distros, from Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Backtrack, Kali (all Latest versions with latest kernels)

For what it is worth, I have a Mecer W550EU, with built in HD 4000 graphics, NO graphic card module

p.s. For every linux distro I have installed, sound works 1 reboot, next it doesn't, next 2-10 times no sound, then sound works for 1 reboot, then doesn't, etc.