Hello everyone,

I installed Kali yesterday as a dual boot with windows 8.

Using Gparted,I made a blank space/unused space of 60GB,then I installed Kali on that space (though I think I din't use the "use the most free space available" option as I saw it was recommended to do so)
I did all my updates yesterday,everything was fine,grub was working.

Today when I started my computter I had a message "Welcome to grub...Grub error:no such device f5s44g5r....>Grub recovery".Plus my mouse and keyboard weren't recognized anymore.I was stuck with that screen with no way to even access the bios or boot option...

hopefully (and for reasons I can't figure out) I found out that,by unplugging the power supply of my computer,waiting 30 seconds that my motherboard turn off,and putting the power back and starting my computer,I was able to access grub and choose to boot windows or Kali without any issues.

So I started kali,everything was fine,restart mycomputer to see if grub still works...No!I had to unplug the power again and stuff and it then works.So it only works one time and I have to redo the thing with power supply and motherboard turning off.

Nom here is a gparted screenshots.One is a 128GB SSD and a 2TB hard drive.

To me what really seems wrong is that 300MB boot partition which make no sense!

I have no idea how to fix that.I dont even know if I dind't totally mess up my Kali installation...

I hope someone could help me out!