The Story:I am having problems with installing kali alongside windows 8:
I have tried to install this via disc and live usb, I've manually configured partitions and used the "largest free space" option
they mostly end in the same way.

The Problem: Kali won't appear on my OS screen during the boot,
I've completed the install almost every way I've heard about, all to the same end
I've looked up videos, tutorials, and looked on forums for answers, to no avail
I've even tried easybcd and that just complicated things.

My setup: I have an HP 2000 windows 8 native laptop
AMD 1.3 GHz processor and 2G of ram

As one can see by these stats, a VM isn't Remotely possible.

Solution: I was hoping that you guys would fill in this block.
If you guys have any Ideas please just type them in this answer field, located below.