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Thread: Run Kali instalation from ext SD on ARAMv7 Tablet

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    Run Kali instalation from ext SD on ARAMv7 Tablet


    I would like to know if it is possible to install Kali ARAMHF (assuming this is the right on for an ARAMv7 processor) inside a 16/32GB external SD card and have my android tablet run Kali instead of Android whenever the external card is inserted.
    The purpose of this is to keep my tablet android system intact for regular things and have the external SD with Kali for whenver I want to work with it.
    I'm not yet very proficient with the Android system and hardware, therefore I ask you if this is possible and how.

    I've looked at Linux Deploy, but I would prefer not to run Kali alongside Android as this comes with some limitations imposed on Kali.

    Thank you,
    My best regards.
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    Does anyone can help with this, or my goal isn't just something possible with Kali ARAM at the moment?

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    It's not so much a Kali limitation as it is, an Android one. There's no real thing like dual boot with Android - there are SOME ways to do so - like we do with the Galaxy Note 10.1 - we write over the recovery image with the kernel to boot Kali, and so when you want android, you power the machine on like normal, and when you want to boot Kali, you boot into recovery mode, and it just boots Kali - the tradeoff is that the recovery image doesn't... do Android recovery.

    So that would probably be the best place to start looking. Without knowing your specific tablet, it's really hard to say, but it's definitely NOT going to be easy.

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    Well I'm pretty sure the Arm v7 is the same chip in my Galaxy S3 & Odroid U2 along with a ton of other stuff that uses Samsung Exynos processors. On my Odroid U2, I keep an XBMC/Retroarch Debian image on the EMMC with Kali and other images on SD cards. So it's definitely possible as far as the hardware's concerned.

    I never tried dual booting with Kali on my phone cuz i just chroot into the image. I know it's possible tho. Do a search on the XDA forums for Kali Pwn or Pwn Pad. Some1 made an image based off the actual Pwnie Express PWN Pad image that seems to be pretty popular. I know i've seen people mention about being able to dual boot with it as the secondary rom.

    Also Bugtroid's definitely worth checking out for when your on your Android image.

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