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Thread: Instaling kali linux on windows 8.

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    Instaling kali linux on windows 8.

    Hi, I am completely new to this and kinda clueless, I'm afraid to go ahead with the install that I might wipe out windows 8 as I don't have a physical copy, also I dont have a USB or a blank cd to boot from.

    Just looking for some general advice / steps to take to install it and of course is it possible to wipe Windows 8 if I screw it up.

    Thanks in advance for your replys.

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    You mean to install Kali in your principal HDD? Deleting Windows 8?

    I don't recommend that, just install a virtual machine like VirtualBox and you can play around with Kali, here a tutorial step by step to install Kali on VirtualBox

    Remember that Linux is not Windows, Kali it's focused on security not for normal desktop users, for that you have many others distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc....

    Good luck

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    The best way to install Kali Linux along with Windows 8 is Oracle's Virtual Box ..... As you install it on a virtual machine you just need to be afraid and bother about anything... Install the VM, create a virtual disk on vm and install the os on virtual disk its just simple...However you can use this tutorial if you want for your reference

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