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Thread: Killing all remaining process... failed (shutdown problem)

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    Killing all remaining process... failed (shutdown problem)

    Hi, everytime I try to shutdown the Kali I get that message and it keep trying to kill the procress, but it goes on forever. The only way to turn it off is by holding the power button or removing the battery.

    I'm using a notebook (Dell XPS L502X), installed the Kali to the HDD.

    A pic:

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    How did you installed it?..Did you created a swap partition?.

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    Yes, I did.

    I downloaded the Kali Linux 1.0.6, 64bits full ISO, then used the steps to create the Live pendrive, I installed it from that pendrive with the graphic installation, and manual partitioning, using some guides as reference I've choose some sizes (gparted pic link at the end). It's just to test the OS and get some experience, after that I'm planning to format it again. After the install, grub, network, etc. I've created a new user with the root, and that's it. No more significant alterations...

    gparted image link:

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    When shutting down, try this:

    Press:ctl+alt+F1 (you can also choose F2 to F6 since F7 is where xorg is having the session)

    login as root and then type passwd...Once in, type: shutdown or poweroff..

    See if it works.

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