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Thread: Same error booting live cd or usb boot

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    Same error booting live cd or usb boot

    Hello, i burn a dvd with kali linux and make a usb boot and i have the same error in both, anyone can help-me? i have the image with the boot error.

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    Did you check the SHA1 of the downloaded ISO file? If not, what is the SHA1?
    Did you download it via HTTP or torrent?

    Did you check the DVD to make sure it burnt correctly (Did it successfully verify)?
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    I think the problem isnt with the iso because i use the same iso in my vm on virtualbox and work fine ... i just boot in live or usb because i need use the wifi connection with wiresharck and the vm not emule wifi connections...

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    How did you burn usb or the method used to install image into USB?..Did you use the Kali Docs methods?

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