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Thread: A Simple Solution to the Negative One Issue thanks to seen_bawl

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    A Simple Solution to the Negative One Issue thanks to seen_bawl

    Musket Teams wish to thank seen_bawl for providing a simple workaround for the onging neg-one issue in Kali-linux 1.06 and 1.07. We have decided to release 30 small batch files for general use based on seen_bawls work.

    The download contains 30 files for airodump-ng reaver and wash.

    If you want to start airodump-ng you would use the startwifi files. If your wifi device is designated wlan0 you would use, if your device is labeled wlan1 you would select etc etc. You can place these files in the /usr/bin/ folder and allow the script files to be executed as a program and you can then run them from a terminal window.

    The removes any existing monitors, then spoofs your mac with a random address, starts up a monitor ie mon0 and corrects the negative one issue. You can now run airodump-ng, or aireplay-ng with no negative one warning.

    The wash and reaver files also clear exisiting monitor, spoofs your mac address and corrects the negative one issue as well. Hence you can run wash then go directly into airodump-ng and aireplay-ng.

    Other program are affected by this problem. Now that we have a solution we will be adding the routines to programs like and any other programs that use airodump-ng or aireplay-ng.

    You can download a zip file entitiled "" containing these 30 small script files at:

    Musket Teams A and D

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    your welcome and thank you for creating this scripts

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