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Thread: [Q] Kali USB Persistence Installation

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    Question [Q] Kali USB Persistence Installation

    I searched forum and couldn't find any answer for my question.

    I am really new and i have heard that kali 1.0.7 has new option of "Kali USB Persistence" and i hope that
    someone may help me through the installation process. Would be helpful for other newbie also. Thanks

    I have "Kingston 32Gb 3.0 USB" and i want to "Kali USB Persistence" is it good device or will cause problem?

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    for two or three weeks ago i was a totaly newbie to
    i hope i can help you with the first point.
    At first i am using kali 1.0.7 to. And i used the commands from the User xxyxxyxx, THX to YOU
    i tryed the offical tutorial but i want works. i tryed so much variants but nothing works.
    ( )

    You have two ways:
    1. Way( creating a kali bootable stick in kali or another Linux system )
    part ONE.
    In this example, we assume our USB drive is
    - /dev/sdb and that we’ve downloaded
    - kali-linux-1.0.7-amd64.iso ( copy the iso on the OS, root oder private directory )

    now we imageing the kali iso to the usb stick with:
    dd if=kali-linux-1.0.7-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M
    this needs some time. After this we create the persistence parition on the usb stick.
    Open a console and type "gparted", after it make sure you selected the usb stick and not one of your HDDs.
    partitionat a second partition on your stick, so big as you want, make it as a PRIMARY PARTITION, and may be in EXT2 fileformt. dont forget to label it with "persistence" or what u like.
    Start your system now with the stick, and use the persistence mode ( i am not sure if its needed to use this mode or the normal live mode, but use it to be sure )

    Ok, now you are in your kali envirorment booted up from your stick.
    Part TWO.

    Now use this

    mkdir /mnt/usb
    mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/usb
    echo "/ union" >> /mnt/usb/persistence.conf
    unmount /mnt/usb

    The Second WAY ( Creating your kali stick in Windows )
    Part One
    Just download W32DiskImager and creat

    Part TWO
    Just see below to Way 1, part two.

    Now you are ready.
    i hope i could help you.

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    sry the second post but i forget something.

    Now you can/must use the Boot option Kali live... Persistence.
    you dont must use TAB and edit "persistence" to the command line.

    have fun

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