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Thread: Kali on MBA 13

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    Kali on MBA 13

    Old issue: I can't get Kali run on my Macbook Air 13!

    A few days ago I could install Ubuntu, no problems. Now I made bootable usb of kali 1.0.7 with unetbootin, followed the same way with refined and tried to install it on a Partition. Everything ok till it says that GRUB and Lilo couldn't be installed. Also tried something with SuperGrub2 but it didn't work neither.

    As this problem is really known and all the threads I found on that issue are unsolved: Did someone finally find a way to handle it?

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    i have the same issue did you solve it ?? plz help me if you solved .email me

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    Kali 1.0.7 is outdated and does not support UEFI, you need to read harder.

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