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Thread: Increase partition size for Kali Linux?

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    Lightbulb Increase partition size for Kali Linux?

    Is it possible to increase the partition size for Kali Linux either before or after it installs? I have Kali installed on a Samsung Chromebook and I had formated my 32 GB SD card properly and transfered the Kali Chromebook img to it. I've followed a lot of instructions online and I have installed Kali successfully, but I simply do not have enough free space. The partition seems to be 6.79 GB with about 4.5 GB free space, but I am looking to update to the full version of Kali which is around 15 GB. I'm sure I should be able to do this as I have a 32 GB SD Card. In GParted, the SD card shows that I have 22.68 GB of unallocated space. I would like to just use that space to extend my 6.79 GB partition, but is that possible?

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    You have to run Kali in live mode from a USB to be able to resize with G-parted your SDD partition
    It has to be in live mode because you cannot resize a mounted and active partition

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    How do I run live mode from USB on a chromebook though?

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