Hi guys,
I cant do this anymore, im finished. I'm sitting for like the whole day trying to figure out how to fix this s***. literally.
I downloaded and installed Kali on my laptop and followed everystep in the setup. blablabla
But to the problem. I when I start the laptop and kali initializes everything at the place where the login screen should popup and where he has detects and adjusts the screen graphic. The whole display flashes yellow and then afterwards the top part of the screen continues to flash recurrently. I searched google for everything and came to the conlusion that something is wrong with the resolution of and the refresh rate. Also I assume that kali fails to detect my S3 SuperSavage GPU.
I tried the OS on my main pc and everything works fine. It detects my nvidia card and loads into the desktop. Every command I could find on Google like xforcevesa, vga=771, etc didnt work.
My system is a IBM Thinkpad T23
GPU = S3 SuperSavage IX/C
I'd appreciate that if someone could help me fix this problem. I really want to use Kali on my laptop.