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Thread: How to EFI install Kali Linux (Beginner Ways)

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    Can you do a tutorial for those of us using a DVD iso?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rnihton View Post
    ... I just bought a laptop (Asus N56VJ-DH71) which runs UEFI system (my my, it costs me 2 days because of this).

    Anyway, it was hard to install Kali Linux with the EFI system because you encounter some weird errors and you have to fix them manually.

    I am going to write a complete guide here (I don't really know much, but I've followed most of the guides on Google and spent 2 days for it. So I might be able to get you out of desperating installing Kali in EFI system).

    Can you do a tutorial for those of us using a DVD iso on windows 8.1 EFI?
    Is using a usb with something like rufus the only way to achieve dual boot Kali/Win?

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    So you achieved dual boot?

    Quote Originally Posted by tdbone1 View Post
    ok i had success

    kali amd64 image (week 20)
    16GB fat32 stick
    windows 10 pro 64bit
    mbr and uefi selected
    select weekly image
    DD mode

    in bios turned secure boot off in bios (save on exit)
    F12 for me during boot so i can select the usb stick with kali
    (kali booted right up) need to try with secure boot on. might work dont know

    Awesome as i havent got to use kali in a long time
    2017.1 standard amd64 is great! love it
    So you have dual boot that is windows and kali on single uefi computer?
    Can I use a DVD iso to achieve the same results? I'm after dual boot too win/kali.

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