Hi, everyone.
I use exploit, and grant access to remote system (XP without service packs on Vmware)
I can access to filesystem, ok.
For example i want run "notepad.exe" on remote pc.
I start remote cmd, then type
C:\Windows\system32> notepad.exe
After that notepad starts, but ONLY in processes. There is no usual GUI.
The same story with
meterpreter> execute -f notepad.exe
no GUI run
I tried psexec with password hashes - got error
Exploit failed [no-access]: Rex::Proto::SMB::Exceptions::LoginError Login Failed: The server responded with error: STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE (Command=115 WordCount=0)
'forceguest' on remote mashine is set to 0

The question is:
How start notepad.exe (or any other gui application) with normal GUI