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Thread: Rogue Access Point with 2 Wireless Cards

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    Rogue Access Point with 2 Wireless Cards


    is is possible i can setup a fake access point (using airbase) broadcasting from an alfa card and use the internal card to actually connect to the internet instead of using the ethernet cable? i tried this and it doesnt work properly and gives channels error ect.

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    Yes the is easily done. Musket Teams suggest you use pwnStar9.0 as most of the setup is done for you as you work thru the menus. Read the information on pwnstar9.0 available in these forums and download the latest release. Our Teams set up rogue access points using an Alpha and the internal wifi all the time. Most of the problems associated with pwnstar9.0 are not from the script itself but the permissions granted to the files etc. The author of this program warns of this from the initial release and we have written a walk thru of problems not associated with the program that can occur during the setup.


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    The last few days I trying to bring to life an old script and make it Kali and bt5r3 compatible.
    This one:
    How to: E-Z setup a Multi Mode WLAN based on a Fake AP
    It's almost done, I'm on testing stage.
    When I release it, you will be able to setup a fake access point with 2 wireless card in various modes.(one to connect to the Internet and one for broadcasting your fakeAP) and not only with airebase-ng. (See hostap.)
    Have patience.
    BTW pwnStar9.0 is a wonderful script!
    Security always begins with personal responsibility. - quietman7

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