Hi , today i downloaded the kali linux i386 from official site http://www.kali.org/downloads/
and installed it in dual boot with windows 8 by following the official instaructions from here :

and followed each step

“now my boot menu shows me three options”
1. Debian GNU/Linux, with linux 3.7
2. Debian GNU/Linux, with linux 3.7 (recovery mode)
3. windows vista boot loader
windows is booting properly without having any problem but when i boot into kali linux it gives me a black screen after boot. i waited even 20 minutes and hopped that it will boot up but it doesn't
i was using backtrack 5 r3 in dual boot with windows 8 but it never gave me this error
“my hardware is hp mini notebook 1000”
I used “Win32DiskImager” to make bootable flash drive.
any help is appreciated... thanks in advance