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Thread: Cool Python Post Exploitation Script - Cognizant

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    Cool Python Post Exploitation Script - Cognizant

    This script has come in handy as of today. Just wanted to share. Its a python script that has the following functions-

    This has worked well with a lot of those boot 2 root VM's from Vulnhub.

    Find SETUID Flagged Files
    Check chkconfig (REL, OEL, CENTOS)
    Find SSH files possibly containing keys
    Local wifi scan with a geolocation used based on ssid’s found (Uses google, based on Metasploit module)
    Options for persistent or non-persistent backdoors and reverse shell
    set up Netcat file server to get files off the system
    Fork bomb to crash the system (No one wants to ‘shutdown -h now’ a system!)
    Start a python HTTP server
    Use Netcat for a simple portscanner
    Set up iptables to use machine as a pivot into the network to attack other machines
    Use tcpdump to dump network traffic
    Dump shadow file
    Blitz log files
    Check current network connections
    Allows you to use ‘-a’ flag to run in automatic mode and will enumerate the machine all output put in /tmp/sys-info. Some
    And more!!!

    Sorry if this isnt the thread for this but, just wanted to share!

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    thanx mate thats usefull

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    Sure thing Here are some Screen Shots

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