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Thread: working Mitm automated script

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    working Mitm automated script


    I'm looking for Man in Middle Attack automated script , that be able to sniff https and http cause yamas is nt working any more . I've tried with yamas -e argument but yet unable to see any https traffic . any one tried some thing on lan or wifi for sniffing https/http 100% working . I would appreciate if some one share his/her experience with working tool or script thanks.


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    Yamas works just fine, you're probably getting confused on the whole concept. Sniffing HTTPS doesn't do much good though AFAIK. Maybe others can suggest more tools.

    BTW, you're not reading and paying attention, for example, you've posted this question is a How To section.

    Read the following two posts related to Yamas:

    In fact read those 4 pages of discussion, quite interesting and detailed discussion.

    ***** Can a MOD please move this post to General Discussion section as that seems more fit for @Scorpion's query.

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    the best mitm program in my opinion is Subterfuge its amazing really and so much more then a mitm also, use that and install like this dpkg -i subterfuge_1.0-1_all.deb the install will fail essentially until you use this command, apt-get update && apt-get -f install then apt-get upgrade -y and run the program but typer subterfuge in terminal and open a browser and type localhost in the browser for the gui

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