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Thread: Kali 1.0.7 behavior in Hyper-V 6.3

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    Question Kali 1.0.7 behavior in Hyper-V 6.3

    I installed Kali in Hyper-V on win8 and "external adapter" connected to my wifi card didn't work (didn't try ethernet).
    After upgrading to windows 8.1 and newer version of Hyper-V all of the sudden wifi started to work normaly.
    Up to this moment. This morning I was using Kali in Hyper-V to browse, shut it down and went out.
    Just now I started Kali and wifi isn't working, again! Is there something I could do to fix it?
    Or just to keep hoping that it will magicaly start to work again (like first time).

    Latest update:
    Last night i removed virtual adapter, and re-added. Network started to work and i was able to use Kali as usual. Today it isn't working again. Tried removing and re-adding adapter, but now it didn't help.
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