Very good at all

My English is not very good, I will try to express myself best.

My Linux skills are basic, Kali currently have installed Linux running Java and Original Nvidia Driver.

I wanted to try to make my team as compatible as possible before I get into depth options Kali.

But I have a problem, and you and I searched several forums.

The problem is that I have 3 monitors, two HDMI and one DVI.

My Chipset is a Z68, and the BIOS settings in the graphics options, if confguro to use the Intel i5 2500 GPU I have, to start Kali, the internal display of the graph, I get flashes of colors, if logic, until it stops on a color, it is fixed.

If I set to use the Nvidia PCI, 2 monitors work properly.

Some forums recommend reading about configuring X11, in others such as Nvidia:

If anyone has had my problem and can help me, appreciate your help.