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Thread: Kernel doesnt Upgrade troubleshoot -Not Noob

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    Kernel doesnt Upgrade troubleshoot -Not Noob

    Hi everyone im not a noob , first of all

    My kernel version is this:
    Linux megared812 3.7-trunk-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.7.2-0+kali8 i686 GNU/Linux

    i changed my sources.list to this: (before do : apt-get distro-upgrade)
    deb kali main non-free contrib
    deb-src kali main non-free contrib
    ## Security updates
    deb kali/updates main contrib non-free
    deb wheezy main
    then i do :

    apt-get update

    apt-get dist-upgrade
    and after that i checked again my kernel version and doesn't update my version .. was the same version 3.7 , i tried reboot too and nothing , cant understand what happens.

    Help me please if u can dont ignore post

    *This can be the error?:
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