Hi forum users!

I have a new Samsung Galaxy S5 to use has a main phone, so I was trying to get my Galaxy S4 (AT-T version) to run Kali Linux has the only OS. I do not want to keep using the S4 has a phone; I would like to use it only has a pentesting tool and, therefore, would prefer not download it ontop of android with the Linux Deploy method.

1) I was wondering if it is possible? (without having to patch/modify code for it to work)
2) Should I install it using ARMHF image directly? Just like on another ARM based system? Raspberry Pi etc...
3) Will the S4 hardware work with the ARMHF image? Is the integrated network chip enabled for monitor mode/wireless testing?

Thanks for your help! If any more information is required, I will gladly provide it; I just don't know what I should provide additionally that would help answering my questions.
I looked a lot on Google and here and it doesn't seem like anyone is giving info on whether it is possible or not. Most articles/threads are explaining the linux deploy method. (And the like, not a standalone OS running on Galaxy S4 or any other smartphone)