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Thread: Dell "mini" inspiron 910 and BCM94312MCG

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    Dell "mini" inspiron 910 and BCM94312MCG

    All hardware on my Dell "mini" inspiron 910 works with Kali except for the BCM94312MCG Mini PCIe wifi card. My solution was to swap it out with a Intel Wifi link 5100 half mini card I had lying around and that seems to work fine but the broadcom worked fresh from install on BT 5 R3 and B43 driver. I use a Alpha ausb036nh for most wireless projects but suprisingly the Broadcom seemed to outperform the Intel for everyday use. I am curious if there is a easy fix in case I do want to use the broadcom at some point. Other than that I am really impressed with how well Kali is running on this old netbook. Thanks.

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    You need to know the driver used by kernel...The chipset to your BCM94312MCG is BCM4312, and it is fully supported by b43 open driver. So please, make sure the driver that kernel is loading..

    Type: lspci -v and look for the broadcom wifi, at the end of the section is the module used by kernel.

    You need to files: The firmware-b43-installer (not in kali repos, strange to me) and b43-fwcutter (it is in kali repos). So you can download the firmware-b43-installer from here:

    Sid uses the same version, so use the wheezy, if you read, it has 2 dependencies: bzip2 and wget, need to be installed, and in Kali, they are already installed, so just download the package and install it.

    The other method is thru compat-drivers, need to go to the page, download it and install it.

    Try the first and see if it works...

    Remember to look for the module loaded by kernel first and see which one is using...


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