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Thread: Kali on Samsung Chromebook 2 13" ?

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    Kali on Samsung Chromebook 2 13" ?

    Has anyone successfully loaded the Kali Samsung Chromebook image onto the new Samsung Chromebook 2 13"? I'd pull the trigger if I know the 1920 x 1080 screen works with the Kali ARM image.

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    I've tried USB booting both the ARMEL and ARMHF images for 1.0.7, as well as 1.0.6a. No luck; just annoying beeping.

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    Same. I was hoping to get it done before I went on holiday. Any insight into this by a more experienced user would be appreciated.

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    It looks like a second 1080p ARM chromebook is coming out on the market soon (Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T1UU). If anyone is able to create a working Kali Linux build for either of these 1080p chromebooks, please post here!

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    Lightbulb Chromebook ARM Samsung 2 model no. XE503C32

    I bought one and started looking into the issue processor supports ARMHF same as the first version and this model is using a slightly different bootloader
    binaries that actually boot (instead of just beeping) can be found here
    the code name for this model is peach pi and the 11" version is code named peach pit so far I was able to build a root filesystem without issues
    but this model does not seems to be supported on Kernel 3.4 so I modified the existing kernel configuration files for version 3.8 and trying to use the
    official Kernel used by Google's ChromeOS and patching it to fit the needs of Kali (I did this once before for a different platform)
    I'm slightly stuck but I think i'll get this sorted and post a recipe for creating the image in a few days depending on my available time
    so far this is what I've got is attached to this post ->
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    I don't have Samsung Chromebook 2 13', However, I do have the Samsung Chromebook xe303c12. I successfully installed Kali Linux with the XFCE Desktop Enviroment. I am able to boot the chromeos side by side with Kali. At first I had none of the tools needed for pen testing or anything that Kali is known for. I later installed the Kali Full Metapackage, which gave me all of the tools I wanted. Here are some links for how to do this, I believe these should work on nearly any chromebook, especially on the Chromebook 2.

    Sorry if you guys dont like the post, its my first so please excuse me.

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