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Thread: Catch 22 - Only network is WiFi. WiFi drivers missing for Yoga 13. No Kernel Header

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    Catch 22 - Only network is WiFi. WiFi drivers missing for Yoga 13. No Kernel Header

    So, many modern laptops, like mine, only come with WiFi.

    After an hour, I figured out how to get it to boot Kali from an old USB drive.
    But, Kali doesn't have the wifi drivers for a Yoga 13.
    I found a youtube video with a link to drivers from my Android tablet.
    I downloaded the drivers on my Android tablet and transfered it via a 2nd USB drive to the home directory on Kali.
    I tried a make, but the Kali kernel headers are missing.
    Every google search expects apt-get for the kernel headers, but I have no network. I only have an Android tablet to surf the Internet.
    Why, oh why, is this so hard? Kali should anticipate networking needs and as such have simple items like Kernel headers ready.
    What do I do now? I can't be the only person with this problem... How do I get the WiFi working so that I can have networking?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Could make a custom ISO that includes that drivers and/or kernel headers.

    For more information:
    This is a Kali-Linux support forum - not general IT/infosec help.

    Useful Commands: OS, Networking, Hardware, Wi-Fi
    Troubleshooting: Kali-Linux Installation, Repository, Wi-Fi Cards (Official Docs)
    Hardware: Recommended 802.11 Wireless Cards

    Documentation: (Offline PDF version)
    Bugs Reporting & Tool Requests:
    Kali Tool List, Versions & Man Pages:

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    Paul, if you found a way to install Kali Linux on your Lenovo Yoga, why not starting by sharing it? A lot of users have this issue with similar models of the laptop. It would/could be good information for them.

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