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Thread: Cannot Log In After Update ( Login Loop)

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    Arrow Cannot Log In After Update ( Login Loop)

    I tried updating via the "Software Update" GUI and always was stopped by a 404 error.

    So, I then did the typical
    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade
    All seemed to flow well, skipping over a few errors and 404s occasionally. However, upon rebooting, I am not able to log in. The standard login prompt appears and I enter my credentials. Instead of popping to my desktop, the screen goes black (with cursor visible) for a few seconds before returning to the login screen. There are no authentication failure messages or anything else indicating an error, just a loop back to the login screen.

    I have experience fixing things in recovery mode, but this time, I have no idea what I broke and where to start.

    Kali 1.??? x64 Gnome

    I cannot find login issues relating to an update. Tried rebooting several times and using the default password.

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    Hey there.

    Few things, you need to fix your repo. You should have no 404 errors. Check the official Kali repo list and have only them in your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

    Check the path variable in your bash profile. Check for typos.

    Make sure your /tmp folder has these permissions 'drwxrwxrwt # root root'

    Try this and restart the service. Do all this from terminal. (ctrl +alt +f1)

    sudo mv ~/.Xauthority ~/.Xauthority.old

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