Good evening I am listing a few problems I have come across when installing Kali. I wanted to make the move from backtrack as its the way forward.

First off I download the amd64 version and it kept breaking when opening the .iso on my windows machine. I thought its most likely a corrupted download, which it was.

On re-downloading the file I then decided to run it. Followed the steps and at the start It kept freezing on cannot find CD-ROM I tried everything to get it working. I have a usb cd-rom and a standard blue ray rom both recognized by the software it just was not picking them up. I was told that it would be best to run the live usb.

So round 2 i follow the wiki. I install the win32diskimage program you recommended. I restart and boot it * fingers crossed *. Voila it loads I get the install screen where I can select the menu options.

Here is my main problem:

Live - works perfect down fall is I want it on my HDD as a partition.

Install - Freezes at finding network device. I skip it by pressing Ctrl + C Several times. It finally boots and goes in the motions of installing it then freezes again but doesn't say what its freezing for. I cant say I want to keep CTRL + C everything because I am sure that will do some kind of damage or have a partial install.

Install with graphical interface. - Works fine up to the install network device wait 10 minutes still frozen.

Im using the standard network port on my pc has never had any problems with any version of linux or windows. I also tried my ALFA usb network adapter model:AWUS036H. Which works great on windows and on backtrack but also would not work.

Is there any other method I can go through to get past the network device. Id love to test out this on my HDD not just on a live USB.

Any help or feedback would be brilliant.