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Thread: play kde games as root

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    play kde games as root

    Is there any way to cheat the kde, to let me play a game as root?. I created a user and can play a games as user, but can not play games as root. Kind of strange. Kali is the only one OS on my hdd. I try many Debian based os but this is the only one that everything works on my laptop, so I use it as everyday desktop too. I am slowly learning and can not understand why root can not play kde games. Root is not allowed to have a fun?. Thanks.

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    Hey there,

    You may get some more luck posting the error messages and games you are trying to play.

    Did you install KDE instead of gnome?

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    I keep gnome when I log as root, but for user, I installed full KDE. I like playing a card game and puzzle. Nothing on line.

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