I am new on this forum, This is my first post!
I've some questions regarding Kali Linux (I'm downloading it).

I am not a professional in Linux, I'm just a newbie. I first tried to Install Linux Mint dual boot alongside Windows XP and succeeded.
The installation process of mint was **** easy.

To install that, I just use a partition software on windows to make some free partition and then while installing, Mint asks me to choose which partition i want to use. That was straight forward.

Now I'm downloading Kali Linux and after it will download, I'll remove Linux mint and will install Kali Linux. I just gave 40Gb to Linux Mint but will give more to Kali Linux (I'll free some partition before including the one on which Mint is installed).

While installing will Kali Linux will ask me to choose which partition I want to use. The partition which will be big have windows installed on it. I will install Kali Linux in the partition which will be small as compare to the other.

So Will it show me the big partition and the small one, So I can choose the small one to install kali on it.

*Currently I have 2Gb of ram. I don't think there will any problem?