Kali Linux 1.0.9 installed on HDD
Windows 7 installed on HDD
Dual Boot on two seperate HDD

I am a long time User of Linux Distro's and am familiar with installation but this one has me stumped

I had windows 7 installed for a while now and decided to install Kali Linux on a seperate HDD to dual boot.
Installation went fine with Kali, I can continue to boot into Kali with no problems but ever since installing Kali Windows will not boot. I have to go and recover my windows 7 to even boot to it. once I boot to it and everything works fine I am able to keep using windows 7 and also continue to keep booting straight into WIndows 7 Until I boot back into Kali then the problem continues to be a revolving door where windows 7 will not boot again. WIndows Freezes at boot after using Kali.
any help would be great thank you. I have also tested my hard drives and each one passes the tests.