my laptop (an HP G7 model # G7-2243US) will stall at 61% at the end progress bar after its removing stuff and cleaning up sits for about 3 or 5 minutes and restarts never reaching 100% of the cleanup, after the restart it reaches the GRUB loader at which point i select to load Debian (the kernel kali is based on) it will show a few things on boot up and there are 3 blurbs about something being disabled in the BIOS (ill try to capture them via camera to post) and black screens shortly after.

Has anyone had an issue with an HP G7 pavilion running kali 1.0.9? i have installed older versions 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 they seem to function just fine (i have the older images from previous installs) and they install fine the moment i try to update kali to the recent 1.0.9 it also fails (giving me random errors) both threw the update GUI and the terminal update methods.

If need be i will recreate the instances and provide any further information needed im not sure how to exactly provide the error log spoken about in the forums but if needed i can try, im not sure if the error log will save to an SD card?