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Thread: For what it's worth..Xorg. Black screen and all that.

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    For what it's worth..Xorg. Black screen and all that.

    This was one of the only ones that seem to contain all my issues and to pointed to what I suspect is all ACPI related.

    EDIT** Once again total crash even after a single dist-upgrade.

    The ACPI table is spitting errors and Xorg, Pixman and Nouveau have packed up.

    So, I'm out of ideas. If I dont touch the stock install I'll be good but where's the fun in that. If anyone comes across anything to do with HP Envy, INTEL i7, Nvidia 740M feel free to shout it.......LOUDLY.

    EDIT2** Rather than make multiple posts I'll add to this one. Although it;s Opensuse sourced I found a list of bugs for Gnome that closley mirrors a lot of the issues I'm having here -

    After a single update, dist-upgrade at clean install with only standard repo's the machine crashes everytime, on my 6th install trying to sort this out as it's generally unrecoverable.

    Hopefully -fresh install, blow gnome away totally and use something else may do the trick, i'll let you know.
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