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Thread: Dual Boot with Windows 7 - GRUB not visible

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    Question Dual Boot with Windows 7 - GRUB not visible

    Hello all,

    I'm starting with Windows 7 preinstalled on a laptop, and I want it to be able to dual-boot with Kali. I've booted it up from a live USB, set the partition, and installed it correctly - the process appears to have worked, as my W7 OS is showing the hard drive as 100GB smaller than before. However, on startup, GRUB isn't available. No mention of it anywhere, so I formatted the partition and reinstalled Kali, and accepted when it wanted to add to the master boot record. Unfortunately, nothing's showing up at all for me anywhere, and I'm rather new to Linux. My next move is to attempt to boot up from a live USB again and see if the partition contains the Kali installation, or if it's just trying to kid me. Does anybody have any ideas on this, or had similar problems?

    Thanks v. much!

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    We suggest you prepare to install kali by using Window Tools first.

    1. Boot into windows. If windows will not boot then go on the internet and study how to restore your Managerment Boot record(MBR) Try here

    2. Once you can boot into windows use a disk managment tool like Acronis Disk Director (search torrents for a download).

    3. Delete the Linux partitons on your hardrive and leave that section unused.

    4. Now start linux from usb or cd. At startup you cannot see graphical install so use the down arrows and scroll down to that selection. Select graphical install and work thru the selections.

    5. The program will ask you to install on the unsed space. Install there.

    6. At the end make sure the grub loader is installed.

    We use XP therefore we are not having any problems with dual boots. However we note there are comments about windows 7 dual boots in these kali-linux threads. We suggest you read thru these before continuing.

    In the future when you wish to install coming editions of kali, just restore your Window MBR thus removing grub, delete the linux partitions and reinstall linux. There is a program call FIXMBR that can only be used with XP but NOT Windows 7.

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