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Thread: OS fails after upgrading

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    OS fails after upgrading

    Going direct to it, I used to have version 1.0.3 installed and updated, but I wanted to re-install everything. So I downloaded the 1.0.9 release and installed, no problems so far besides the fact I can't use my wlan0 connection on the installation but no worries. after I rebooted and logged in Kali, I've updated and upgraded everything, but when I reboot again, I can't re-login. I get this blackscreen or get to terminal only.
    What do I do? This has never happened with previous releases of Kali. The login issue also happened before when GRUB was updated to v2.
    How do I fix this?

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    I had the same problem but couldn't figure out how to solve it... basically some files were moved somewhere else and this messed everything up. I had to reinstall a fresh copy...

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    Well, doesn't matter how many times I fresh install it, result is the same. After upgrade OS fails..

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