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Thread: easy-creds Airbase-ng Error Got channel -1

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    easy-creds Airbase-ng Error Got channel -1


    Does anyone have an idea why am I getting this error message in easy creds 3.8 DEV (also in 3.7 stable) the following error message in Airbase -ng window?

    Access Point with BSSID XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX started.
    Error: Got channel -1, expected value >0.

    If I want to connect with my device it does not obtain IP address.

    One time i got IP but I cannot get Internet connection.

    wlan1 was connected to Internet - I can browse the net
    wlan2 - mon0 was the Fake AP -I cannot get internet connection through Fake AP mon0

    wlan1 -
    mon0 -

    what is the problem?

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    Use the search function man, there is a ton of theads on here about this issue, install a backport driver, or after you put your card in monitor mode bring the wlanX device down, so if you put the card wlan0 ---- airmon-ng start wlan0 after mon0 is avail, use the cmd ifconfig wlan0 down

    Post back, if that doesnt work install a backport with patches

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