hey guys, I'm new to Kali kinux, and linux in general, but I'm really liking it so far. I have the desktop and user settings customized to my preferences except a couple of things...
I installed the gnome-tweak-tool and it doens't seem to be saving settings. The settings are the same the next time I reopen the tool but they don't seem to have any influence on the desktop.

For example, I don't want the system to logoff when I close the laptop lid (I want programs to keep running if I close the lid and throw it in my backpack) so I clicked the "nothing" box under "laptop lid close battery" and "laptop lid close AC power". It continues to log off.

I also unchecked the multiple workspaces BS but they remain there. I've rebooted and I'm not sure where to take it from here.

Sorry, but again I'm a noob tryin to learn...so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.