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Thread: Additional Android Kernel features

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    Additional Android Kernel features

    It would be nice if you could add "DriveDroid" support in the kernel.

    Here is the kernel patch, which enables CD-rom drive emulation.

    And "USB Fast Charge" would be nice as well. It allows to charge faster when connected to a PC via USB.
    Here is a example from the ElementalX Kernel. But they are using a install script in which you can enable this features.

    Regarding exfat support. I'm not sure if there is a license or patent issue.

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    Great find on DriveDroid as I had never heard of it before. I think it's a wonderful idea to be able to boot from a kali.iso on your phone and will implement it into the non-CM kernels. I've started pushing the patches to some of the kernels, some had rejects so I need to look closer at those.

    USB Fast charge is included in most of the kernels but I don't believe it is enabled by default (I don't believe it's in N7 2013).

    I'll double check on exfat support also. Thanks for

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    Double-Tap function to wake up would be also great
    I´m on N7 2013

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    How about the kernel patch for kexec-hardboot? It'd be nice to hide away my nefarious activities.

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    i just tested drivedroid and it is working perfectly i downloaded for playstore the frre version i downloaded newest kali image and i host the image and it is working i tested it on nexus 5

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    Yup! I even got an installer to install multirom and all that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariderm View Post
    How about the kernel patch for kexec-hardboot? It'd be nice to hide away my nefarious activities.
    All the kernels should have kexec patch already...for your activities.

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    SnoopSnitch support (enabling DIAG mode in the Kernel)

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