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Thread: full device encryption support

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    full device encryption support

    Is there a plan to support full device encryption with a future update? It does not apear that full device encryption is functioning with the initial release; the process begins, shows the encryption droid for a moment then reboots back to the lock screen.

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    This appears to be solved by byt3bl33d3r from the github issues:

    byt3bl33d3r -

    I've had this issue on my Nexus 7 (2013 LTE) and Nexus 5: logcat said that it was unable to unmount the /data partition (probably because the kali chroot environment is mounted there).
    This is what I did to fix it:

    Go to the Kali Launcher and hit "Shutdown Kali"
    Enable USB Debugging on the device
    adb shell
    mv /data/local/ /data/local/
    Reboot the device, try encrypting it and it should work
    After encryption is complete back to
    Done! Remember to disable USB debugging when your finished!

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    Thanks binkybear,

    The only available device was my 7 so android/nethunter is my daily use tablet OS now. I've been waiting for something like this since triple-booting Maemo on N710/N800 tablets. I can't wait to see how it evolves over future updates.

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