I didn't see it in the FAQ or my few forum searches. What exact wifi/bluetooth etc dongles have been used so far during development and testing? I'm going to have to purchase the wifi nice and short mini male to standard femal cable. what usb wifi dongle should I be shopping for? Equally, is there a prefered model of bluetooth?

I was thinking I'd just start ordering pwnie express accessories but I'd rather get what the developers are using.

Also, should tools be able to make use of the onboard wifi radio. wifite does not seem to drop the nexus7 2012 onboard wifi radio into monitor mode or recognize it if it does. Are the Nexus5 onboard bt/wifi radios supported directly or is everythign intended to use an external dongle?

(I'm invisioning an audit where I just have the nexus5 in my pocket running wifite and no additional attachments. It would also make for a very slim drop device; drop the naked phone somewhere convenient out the way out from the audit kick-off meeting.)