Hello all!

I'm trying to install kali on my raspberry pi to work with the adafruit 2.8in tft touch screen. Unfortunately adafruit doesn't support using any other linux boot then raspbian. They say kali or any other linux boot will work but the kernel for the screen needs to be patched and compiled. I'm new to linux and now a bit over my head.

I've searched the forums, on this site and many others, to try and some answers. The best I could find is this:


"The kernel module source code is on github
and we have .deb files that can be extracted and 'manually installed' onto other Linuxes
However, we dont have a tutorial for anything but raspbian - other OS's will work but the kernel needs to be patched and compiled. Right now we are focussing on the official open source operating system for Raspberry Pi"

Everything seems to be spelled out pretty well as to what needs to happen, just not how to do it.

If anyone knows how to do this or possibly has links to where I can read up and learn how to do this that would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance!