I have Kali installed with the crouton script on my Acer C710 chromebook. So Kali runs parallel to ChromeOS with chroot.
I intent to use this as a playground to look into wifi penetration testing. So the ability for Kali to control an external usb wifi module and put it into monitor mode is crucial for me. But ChromeOS keeps full control of the networking devices (https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton...248)....Inside of kali, I don't even have any programs to control netwworking. When I connect my WN722N wifi stick, I can see it showing up with lsusb, but iwconfig only shows the internal wifi module (with I can't control) and LAN.
As I'm quite a noob in linux stuff, I have no clue where to go from here and what to look up to find a solution (if there is even any). My thought is that I don't want to have Kali beeing able to use that external usb wifi to connect to the router/internet, but only make it work with airodump-ng and reaver and that kind of tools.
Can I make it work somehow? What can I actually do with Kali installed with crouton without proper control over networking, as Kali is focuses on penetration testing?