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Thread: Problems with installing Kali Linux on a UEFI-based Netbook.

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    Problems with installing Kali Linux on a UEFI-based Netbook.

    I have a UEFI-based Netbook with Kubuntu and I decided to make a Kali Linux partition, but it hasn't worked yet. I tried it with UNetbootin and the BIOS detected my USB stick at least, but anyway it didn't boot my Live USB, it kept booting Kubuntu instead. Then I tried this recommended way, but it worked even worse; the BIOS didn't even recognize my USB stick. I don't know what is going wrong, I'm sick of UEFI-based systems. When I installed Kubuntu like one year ago, I didn't have any trouble using UNetbooting, but I don't know why it doesn't works with a Debian based distro. Hope you can help me. Thanks!

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    I can tell you what is going wrong.

    muts can't figure out how to make a proper image.

    Example: Go download a Debian ISO, and use unetbootin to build the USB installer. Look at the layout of the Debian USB installer, and compare with the Kali one. Clearly since Kali is based off of Debian, one would expect to see at the very least a similar layout. But nope...muts just can't accept that he is not capable of building a proper ISO image. The Kali ISO strays so far off from how Debian does it, that is painfully funny.

    BTW.. don't bother opening a bug about this, muts will just close it because his ego is so huge that he can't accept that he doesn't have a clue.

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